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"Storage in the Shape of Life."

Effective tidying means achieving a simple, pleasant life that embodies the personality of the individual with versatile products designed to provide just what is necessary.

MUJI's storage furniture comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials to suit a variety of purposes, preferences and lifestyles. Items are designed based on standard module dimensions to ensure that they can be used in flexible combinations and fit neatly in storage furniture.

MUJI storage items fit diverse user personalities and help create pleasant space.

The Storage Process

To get your home organized, and get all the right storage solutions in place can be overwhelming. That's why you will find action steps, checklists, and case studies to help you with all the steps in the process, one room at a time, or one type of item at a time.

Designate a single place for storage.

Moving things you keep in different places to one central storage place will reinvigorate you and your home. For a neat and organized look, choose storage units in the same color and shape, using some units to display and others to hide items.

Put it there, for now.

Choose a place to temporarily hold items to be put back in storage later or documents to be organized better. Keep your home neat and uncluttered with a designated pot to put items temporarily and set rules for clearing up.

Arrange and rearrange.

Units can be used alone or in various combinations. Line up sofas, shelf units and other large furniture items or separate them to suit your space and purpose even if your lifestyle changes.

Clean as you go.

Clean up messes as soon as you find them with compact cleaning tools kept within easy reach. This little bit of daily care keeps tables, desks and other parts of the room you use every day neat and clean.

What’s on hand may be even better.

Rather than buying something new, look for things you already have in the house. Using things for unintended purposes – like a glass or carafe as a vase or a white porcelain dish to hold small objects – can give your room an unusual and interesting touch.

Collect what you love.

Acrylic boxes are ideal for storing the things that you seem to collect – shells gathered by the sea, the toys your kids love, colorful rolls of decorative tape.

Play with walls.

Use wall space as a canvas for the things you find interesting – works by your favorite artist, postcards you found while traveling, knickknacks. Decorate your space and make your home your own.

Live well with sunlight.

Change your curtains with the season in the same way you bring out and pack away clothes for different seasons. Choosing curtain material and function to let light in or keep it out will renew your relationship with the sun.

Use it your own way.

Stools and benches are powerful allies in your home. Move them from room to room to use as seats or tables. Furnish with items that can be used in different ways depending on location and purpose.

Bring scent into your life.

Immerse yourself in your favorite scent when you want a lift or to relax. Fragrance oils, essential oils, solid perfumes you can carry with you, and other forms of fragrance can make you feel like new.

Suitable Storage Checklist

Having a checklist that takes you through the storage process will certainly help when you are seeking the suitable storage solution for your personal belongings.

Use our checklist to help you get a head start!

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MUJI Interior Case Studies

We would like to introduce case studies of individuals and dwellings that incorporates MUJI storage furniture and supplies to create a pleasant living life.


Case Study 01.

To live in this place full with love.

Living individually, type of dwelling: mansion

The individual wants to feel the vibrant and colourful atmosphere of the city even when he spends time at home, incorporating all of his favourite things in the space againse the backdrop of the city.

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Case Study 02.

In a simple and natural space with storage in mind.

Family of 4, type of dwelling: detached house

"When I moved to my new home, I consulted with MUJI so I can change the furniture to match the changes according to my child's growth. I love the atmosphere of MUJI, and my desire is to create a living-dining room that is bright and natural for my family to spend their time calmly."

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Organise Well.

Grouping and keeping household items in different MUJI storage units of appropriate size, material and design allows you to take what you want immediately, bringing convenience and efficiency to everyday life. It also helps keeping home environment well-arranged, clean and visually appealing.

MUJI Polypropylene Storage

PP Drawers

Translucent PP Drawers can keep the interior bright even when piled up, and also allow users to distinguish the items inside at one glance, hence easier to take and use the items or track on the quantity we have. Available in rich selection of sizes and designs ranged from large drawers to desktop sizes, and is compatible to various Storage Unit Accessories to keep daily goods in good orders, making home environment neat and well organised.

MUJI 無印良品: Polypropylene Storage ポリプロピレン収納

Go on a journey with MUJI, to learn more about our polypropylene storage.

Click above to play video.

Storage Simulator

Enter the size of the space that you wish to place the storage items and the recommended storage will be displayed. This is not only applicable to polypropylene storage, storage made of natural materials will also be suggested, so please choose your favourite material and check it.

*Note: The simulator is for reference only and the storage recommended are subjected to local availability. Product code shown may differ in Australia. Please check with our staff on product information should you require any assistance. The webpage is offered in Japanese language, however you can translate it through your browser, learn more here.

View Storage Simulator

For Clothes and Large Items.

PP Clothes Drawer
L40 x D65 x H18/24/30cm

PP Drawers of large sizes are available in 4 size modules, each available in 3 heights from 18cm, 24cm to 30cm, from which you can choose the most suitable one to stack up according to interior space or use under bed or in wardrobe to keep clothes or other large household items.

PP Wide Drawer
L55 x D44.5 x H18/24/30cm

PP Closet Drawer
L44 x D55 x H18/24/30cm

PP Drawer
L34 x D44.5 x H18/24/30cm

Polypropylene (PP) Storage Catalogue

PP File Boxes

Not only documents and books, PP File Box is also capable for storing your other daily goods of varying heights and shapes while keeping them orderly and neat. Available in translucent and white-gray, regular style and stand file box style; the former can be stacked with the use of a matching lid to fulfill your different storage needs.

Cotton Linen Polyester Soft Boxes

Our Cotton Linen Polyester Soft Box series is the perfect storage solution for any home, one can use it to store clothing or other household supplies.

Due to its flexible nature, our cotton linen polyester soft boxes are ideal for storing children's toys and garments.

The fabric box is also collapsible, making it convenient to put away when not in use. This minimises any unecessary storage space required.

Other Storage

Soft Polyethylene Cases

Our soft polyethylene cases are made with a soft material that is suitable for children’s use, as well as placed in kitchen or bathroom with its water repellent and oil blocking features. With compatible lids and its ability of tolerating a wide range of temperatures, the cases are useful for food storage even inside a refrigerator.

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Rattan Storage

Woven by hand meticulously, it is light, soft and smooth in texture. Stackable when used with lid and available in style with handles for easy carriage.

Stainless Steel Basket

Durable and sturdy, it is attached with handles for carrying things with ease. It is also stackable when you place the handles inwards.

Buri Storage

Hand-woven using Buri material from the Philippines, it embodies the unadorned texture of natural materials. Stackable when used with lid and available in style with handles for easy carriage.

Stainless Steel Hooks & Clips

These hooks and clips can be hung from a bar or other item to easily hang up oftenused kitchen towels and oven mittens. It also conveniently holds things like recipes and shopping lists.

Magnetic Hangers & Hooks

Mount our magnetic hangers & hooks to your kitchen and bathroom surfaces to streamline your counter space and put unused space to work for you.

Desktop Storage

Acrylic Storage

The high transparency makes the stored items inside clearly visible and easy to access. The standard modular size allows flexible combination of different units to keep your small and scattered items well organised, leaving sufficient free space on the desktop.

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Wooden Storage

Wooden MDF material is sturdy, durable and not easy to bend. The gentle colour tone allows it to blend in your living environment naturally.

Paper Box Storage

Made of recycled paper that is commonly used for making binders or notebooks. With a simple design, it is useful for desktop storage.

Other creative storage using MUJI products.

Storage Furniture

MUJI bases on Japanese building size units "saka (尺)" and "ken (間)" to setup a standard module
for storage furniture and units, so that each storage unit could be stackable and replaceable
with each other to bring an organised interior space. "Standard Module" is also applied to the design of other merchandise, allowing them to be neatly placed into various furniture and storage units, hence creating a comfortable living environment.

Storage Furniture

Stacking Shelf

Reflecting on the idea of storing that MUJI values, our Stacking Shelf suits every different lifestyle. One can start with a basic unit and combine with extra add-ons for a personal storage solution.

Stainless Unit Shelf

Stainless Unit Shelves (SUS) - The popularity of this series lies in just how versatile they are. Combine different sizes and optional parts for a nearly infinite number of possibilities. Design your unit shelves to work for you and your living space.

Pulp Board Storage

Maximise space in your home with MUJI's Pulp Board Storage. Use it to store and display items such as clothing, shoes, books and other belongings. You can also incorporate baskets or storage boxes. These shelves are an easy way to get organised and create more space in your home.

Wall Furniture

Use wall furniture that can be attached to the wall to decorate walls with your favourite items.


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