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Aging Skin Care Series

Ten kinds of natural ingredients such as camellia, rose, yuzu, hyaluronic acid and more.

Formulated with 7 functional ingredients such as collagen to create moist and smooth skin.
Recommended for those who are concerned about dry skin regardless of the season, or for those who are prone to skin problems due to dryness.

For dry and mature skin to stay hydrated.

Natural plant extracts helps tighten skin

Infused with plant extracts such as camellia, yuzu and wheatgrass to keep skin firm and glow.

  • Camellia sinensis seed extract for skin elasticity
  • Yuzu fruit extract for skin tightening
  • Wheatgrass extract for skin moisturising

Moisturising functional properties helps hydrate skin

Enriched with moisturising properties to help refine and moisturise skin.

  • Hydrolysed hyaluronic acid for skin moisturising
  • Ceracute® for skin softening
  • Collagen for giving skin a plump look

Gentle on the skin

The formula is improved to bring gentler care to our skin.

Aging Care Series

Reducing the Use of Plastic

With the natural environment in mind, MUJI continues to review the use of plastic in product containers, packaging and in-store display materials with a target to reduce it gradually. For example, the containers of Anti-aging Toning Water and Moisturising Cream are redesigned with reduced use of resins.


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